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Allow for regrouping and reorganization of analyses between Design Studies

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by Contributor DelNegro on ‎01-30-2014 06:40 AM

There needs to be some consideration taken to allow for reorganizing/regrouping analyses between different Design Studies.


I currently have a Design Study that has 4 analyses in it.  I coned one of the analyses and ran it.  When the results were complete, I tried to open it but the system crashed.  I was unable to ever get the results to load.  I could delete the folder with this analysis and get the Design Study to open, but then I didn't have my results.  Since it took quite a while to set up the analysis, I used the support file to run the analysis. I was then able to see the results in this new Design Study. 


So here's what I'm left with...  2 Design studies on the same project, all caused by your system not being able to see result your system generated.  Apparently at this point there is no way to move the analysis that worked and was viewable into the old Design study.  Thus, I cannot use any of the Summary features or any comparative analysis tools you provide and I have to manage 2 files instead of one.


As a side, there is also, no easy way to get my 15 cloud credits back when I'm not able to open the analysis files....



By: Contributor DelNegro | Posted ‎01-30-2014 07:04 AM

Another point on this I forgot is that when I ask for help from support and they have success creating an analysis, there is no way to move this analysis to the Design Study that I already have.