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pre-comp template creating help please

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07-23-2011 12:26 PM

I'm trying wrap my brain around pre-compositing in 2012. I want to create my own templates based off of my render passContributionMaps from maya 2012. Above is a link to the help file and below is what the help say to do to create my own template.

My goal is to understand pre-comp templates so I can perhaps write my own script that will create templates automatically from my scenes in maya. I created a script that sets up my render passes and passContributionMaps for me and I'd like to extend this script to generate templates composite will like so going from maya to a setup composite is automatic enough where I can get creative more quickly.

My understanding of pre-comp in maya is that it creates a .precomp python file that composite uses in conjunction with templates to create a dependency graph in composite. Is that right?

You can create your own template for pre-compositing.
To create a template:
Import a pre-comp file without specifying a template—see Pre-Compositing Import.

Ok I understand this green part above I think. This gets my pre-comp into composite so i can then set it up manually with blendnComp nodes right?

If you are creating a render layer template, the render layer composition contains a number of link nodes to render pass footage compositions. The render pass anchors are already set on the link nodes—see Render Layer Composition Creation.

If you are creating a scene template, the scene composition contains a number of link nodes to render layer compositions. The render layer anchors are already set on the link nodes—see Scene Composition Creation.

This red part above is for if I use render layers and cameras, not necessary yet.

Build the dependency graph.

Does the part in orange mean that I build my comp by manually hooking everything up with blendnComp nodes etc?

If needed, edit the render pass or layer anchors—see Pre-Compositing Anchors.

The blue part is about anchors with are tags for import nodes letting composite know what each file has i.e. selection pass. Right?

(Option) Clean up the template by selecting Composition > Pre-Compositing and one of the clean-up options. When cleaning up the template, link nodes are reset, their name is changed to match the anchors, and unused anchors are removed from nodes and output sockets.

In Pink I don't see "composite" in the menu set, but I did see a File>Pre-comp>clean up so I'm assuming that this help info is old?

Provide the pre-comp file (.txcomposition) to the 3D artist as the render layer template.

In the Red, does this mean after I create my dependency graph I built with blendnComps I then select all and export this composite into a template file as a .txcomposition file so I can have composite set this graph again automatically next time I have these exact same passes?

Please correct me if I'm wrong. It's still fuzzy to me what exactly then programmers had in mind that created this part of maya and composite.

I'm all about automating as much as possible.

If I'm right that I don't like having to create a composite manually to create a template. I'd like to export a .txcomposition template file from what I setup in maya automatically so composite knows what passContributionMaps I've setup and how they should be layered in the comp.

Thanks a lot for taking the time to read this.
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Re: pre-comp template creating help please

07-25-2011 11:19 AM in reply to: gauranga
Ok I guess I'm way off with this since no one has replied. Can anyone indicate if anything is close?

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Re: pre-comp template creating help please

07-25-2011 02:46 PM in reply to: gauranga
Hi Jason,
I have a few min... and I will try my best to answer these question, but I am not sure if it will be correct, as it has been some time since looking at this with Maya. So here goes.

There is a sample precomp file located in the (C:\Program Files\Autodesk\Composite 2012\resources\precomp\templates) directory. You can use this to make your unique version of this. so yes you can make your own custom composition. This is used as a templete within Maya to create the pre-comp file. So yes you pass this one, but you only need to do this once. Once this is created, you then have a standard by which to work by.

So once you get your render layers setup with your blend modes set etc, as that is also passed onto Toxik. You will obviously render out your passes as you would normally do. It is important to keep everything consistant in the naming of everything.

Then you then would move onto under render, the Export to all/selected layers to toxik. So if it has not changed, then you would go to the output settings and tell mayas toxik location, python location and the python script, also you need to concern yourself with the toxik scene settings so the composition nmae project name, and destination folder and the location of the render directory which has the maya rendered images.

So I think it will have Saved the Toxik script and you define that location, and use the maya toxik import script to bring that into toxik.If you have toxik on the same system as Maya then you could use the update toxik, I think that is it, and fill in the bits of info needed by maya to create the composition that will go into toxik...

If I follow the red section the anchor nodes are for render layers or passes. This is the link or information to allow the two to keep things connected or should I say the files are all with the same naming.

Also you need to setup the project settings for the pre-compositing section of those setting to your needs.

The answer to your blur is YES.
YEs to the Pink part

Wow, I think I may be making this way more complicated, so if I am sorry man, it has been some time as I said prior. Your objective is doable. I am thinking you have to do some playing around a bit.

In regards to giving the composition to the Maya guy, I don't think you do this. Well in the older versions, you would just update and using the appropriate maya to toxik python script that would be set in maya and then run the export and all will be created. Ie the composition with blend and comps and file loaders.

I think I will stop there, because I am worried that I will make this more confusing. I answered what I could. If you go through the steps and have a specific question and I can run that step on my end and see if there is a problem or not. I just can not do it at this time.... busy! Post it though, so I can get up to date info from the maya end of things.

Mark Rasmussen
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Re: pre-comp template creating help please

07-26-2011 01:50 AM in reply to: morazz
Thanks so much Mark. That helps a lot. I will start doing the work I need to do to pre-composite. What I need to do now is start putting some things together it's all still a bit philosophical to me. I will keep you posted on my progress.