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Wood bearing walls - how to model with no shear value

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06-22-2012 02:15 PM

I would like to model some wood bearing walls in a project.  I have a way of modeling orthotropic wood shearwalls in Robot that gives reasonable results.  In most wood building, there are also wood walls that do not have shear plywood attached, basicaly giving them no shear resistance.  Is there a way to set up a orthotropic wall panel that would behave this way.  I would like it to have axial / out of plane flexural / and shear stiffness only.  Little or no inplane shear stiffness and if possible, little or no flexural in plane stiffness.  The walls would have out of plane shear and flexural stiffness as real wood walls would just not inplane shear and flexural stiffness as there is no shear ply.  I would like to do this with wall panels instead of trying to model individual studs.  Any ideas would be greatly appriciated.

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Re: Wood bearing walls - how to model with no shear value

06-25-2012 12:06 AM in reply to: bjur

Try to look at user defined orthotropic thickness





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