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US steel profiles with metric "names"

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09-01-2011 03:07 PM
Dear support, down here in Brazil, the standard steel profile is the same of US. The difference is that, instead of calling the profile W12x35, we use W310x52, for example. I do all the calculations in SI, all the drawings are in SI but only the names of the profiles are in US. I use tha AISC 13.2 as database. Is there another database with the same profiles with the names in SI, or do I need to create another one, or there is a easier way? Thanks Gustavo
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Re: US steel profiles with metric "names"

09-01-2011 11:28 PM in reply to: gustavo.c.vasconcellos

Considering the fact that you use these sections in your daily work I would create a copy of the US section database, change its name (both the database name and the file  itself) and then using Robot section database browser I would rename the sections but you can change the name of a section label as well as shown on the attached picture.


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