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unusual reinforcement in beams & column

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09-24-2012 04:04 AM

Good Morning,


I have noticed roof beam 16, roof beam 52, central column 56 (screenshots for illustration of locations attached) have rather odd reinforcement allocations. They seem to be MUCH less than what they should be. Link to zipped RTD file attached. Can anyone spot what is the common cause (if there is one) for the discrepancy? The load combinations seems to be applied correctly and it looks like the model is including the self weight for all elements. There doesn't seem to be any nodal supports at "bar" ends either to explain the odd calculated reinforcement values.



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Re: unusual reinforcement in beams & column

09-24-2012 11:51 PM in reply to: Opel5

has anyone else had symptoms of unusually low beam/column reinforcement allocations? I can swap around the bars for FE shell elements of equivalent size but I assumed the software would sort out bar reinforcement seamlessly.

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Re: unusual reinforcement in beams & column

09-25-2012 06:21 AM in reply to: Opel5

Beam 16:

- as far as I can see wall panel is not recognized as a support for design so the trick is to add dummy support in node 551 with very low KZ spring.


(My envelope from combinations 4 5 on the left)




My diagram it the same in RC module :




Results with your settings:





Results with different settings:




So, as you can see the reinforcement generated in this beam in a minimum reinforcement.


If you think that ther is an error please attach us your calculations or any other proof.

Rafal Gaweda