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Unable to do Member Verifications

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08-24-2011 07:46 AM


Using RSA Pro 2010 (educational)

I am modeling a simple space frame for rough analysis purposes.


I am unable to 'verify' any of the members used.

I cannot populate the Member Verification field in the Calculations box accessed under the Steel/Aluminum Design menu item.

Initial member sizing has been made. Results received earlier seemed reasonable. Load combinations were manual, though the Code setting is Eurocode.


When I go to the List button, beside the Member Verification field, on the Calculations box, the Member Selection box appears as expected. I attempt to  populate the member selection field above the Previous button, which shows an appropriate range of bars. However, when I Close the Member Selection box, the selection does not transfer into the Member Verification field within the Calculations Box - it remains blank. Attempting to do Calculations fails with an error message indicating an Error in the Member List. There is no other error message or other guidance.


I realise that there may be several possibly problems - many of a general nature, but perhaps a short list of possibilities will get me started in the right direction.


Thanks, Jeremy UK

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Re: Unable to do Member Verifications

08-24-2011 11:42 PM in reply to: designguybrown

Not having the file I can only guess but most likely either the member types are not assigned to bars or these types do not match with the selected design code. Please try to crate a new label and assign it to all bars. I assume that then you will be able to run the code checking.


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