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Trouble with the calculation of the soil allowable stress with RSA

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11-08-2012 08:29 AM


                 problèmes de terminologie entre contrainte de rupture su sol et contrainte admissible du sol dans le module Semelle / SOL/ normes CSA/ACI/BS Geo de RSA, svp lisez les pièces jointes.Une réponse rapide serait appréciée.



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Re: Trouble with the calculation of the soil allowable stress with RSA

11-13-2012 06:50 AM in reply to: PatrickSt-Louis5310

Explanations for Patrick sent some time ago. Now some summary.


1/ mistake in Help topic http://docs.autodesk.com/RSA/2013/ENU/filesROBOT/GUID-8CED5DA6-06CA-4043-ACA5-B982916AE2E8.htm

 instead of q_ult/3 ≤ q_SLS it should be q_ult/3 q_SLS

2/ not explained in Help superposition&interaction of safety factors 3 (from the code) and user defined value of SF for Capacity from Geotechnical Options - such superposition is observed for Calculated/calculee soil stress

Assuming that SF is safety factor defined for Capacity in Geotechnical Options it seems that:

a/ for Allowable/"de rupture" soil stress


b/ for Calculated/calculee soil stress

SF ≤ qULT/3/qSLS


Above effects reported to be fixed.


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