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Steel Material Definition

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01-18-2012 03:01 AM




Please see attach file showing dialogue box for definition of STEEL material.


1. If one goes to HELP, the option for indicating the steel to be ANNEALED is not described. Please explain where this option is relevant and required by Robot. Only in the Design Codes ? which design codes ? where and what do this option affect ?


2. Explain the difference in strength regarding Design Strength / Characteristic Strength that is required by robot ? Is this again only having an effect on Design Modules ?


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Re: Steel Material Definition

01-18-2012 03:19 AM in reply to: heinb

1. This definition is not used. The steel design module checks if this option has been switched on or off in the definition of member types (steel design parameters) assigned to bars of a structure.


2. The effect can be seen in the steel design module only. Knowing which steel design module you want to use you should decide if the value of strength you are about to enter is the characteristic or the design one as required by the steel code itself. If defined incorrectly you will see the corresponding warning while using the steel design module.


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