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Steel connections

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by Distinguished Contributor Tuctas on ‎12-28-2012 12:42 PM

Splice connection between steel members. Also it would be very
useful the designer to have the information of the weight of the steel

by Active Contributor PatrickSt-Louis5310 on ‎12-28-2012 02:28 PM

It could be great if we can have steel connections design for AISC and CISC instead of EC3 !

by Distinguished Contributor Tuctas on ‎12-29-2012 12:25 AM

  I think that EC3 should always be in priority in Robot's develpoment because it concerns many-many countries and also because Robot begun in Europe..

by Distinguished Contributor Tuctas ‎02-13-2013 11:26 PM - edited ‎02-13-2013 11:30 PM

  Also very useful to be able to design connections for hollow section columns.


  An interesting article is on this link:

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