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slab punching

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10-16-2012 12:28 AM


I'm checking the slab punshing by using robot 2013 using ACI sode,  I defined from the design tab menu  reinforcement wall/slab options code parameter) the properties of the rc slab (see attachement) as follow:

Concrete cover = 30mm.

However when I calculated the punching by software, I found out that the cover has been taken equal to 50mm ????.

please clarrify how I can control determination of concrete cover used by software. See attachement.

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Re: slab punching

10-16-2012 12:50 AM in reply to: JIHADTM

Check what reinforcement label you actually assigned to panel 21. Looking at the picture you attached I got the feeling that you compared reinforcement label that was assigned to this panel (provided reinforcement) with the one that wasn't (required reinforcement).


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