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Shear walls, stresses

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08-09-2012 04:39 AM



While verifying of my results in frame building I got weird (I think it is weird) results.

For non-load bearing shear walls the stress distribution in maps is bigger for lower floors. This should not happen because I wanted to get wall which will transfer only self-weight from vertical loads, that is why I have made walls shorter 5cm on top, so that they do not connect with slabs.

This is not the fault of moments action from wind, because moments look good in results maps.


is it possible that vertical loads are transferred anyway? Or i'm just checking wrong direction of stresses, but mark "z" direction is unmarkable (?)

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Re: Shear walls, stresses

08-09-2012 04:52 AM in reply to: dawid.kuzma

6xy is not what you should look at. Try to look at 6s at the complex (3rd) tab instead. Mind the layer selection while checking stress distribution..

Artur Kosakowski