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Selection dialog

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02-28-2012 06:30 AM



it seems to me that there is a strange behavior in the "Selection dialog".

With reference to the image, I did:

1) click on the checkbox (blu circle) to activate it

2) selection of "section=HEA240"  (green circle)

3) when I select "Type=trave" (red circle, trave is "beam") I expect the selection of all "beams" with section "HEA240", but something different happens.


4) without the selection of the checkbox (blu circle), the selection is correct, and different from 3).

The same strange behavior happens with other attributes.




Is the behavior correct?

Thank you


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Re: Selection dialog

02-29-2012 03:00 AM in reply to: SICAD

No, it is not correct behavior :smileysad:

In case of "symbolic selection" check-box active the button of the common part of selections works like the sum of selections.

It is analyzed by dev team.

The workaround is to do not use"symbolic selection" check-box when using common parts of selections.


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Pawel Pulak
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