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Scheme for steel plate calculation (baseplate and column connection)

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06-22-2012 03:24 AM


Question about the right scheme for steel plate calculations. Its clear that the most accurate results i will get from 3d scheme/model, but it tooks a lot of time to create the right calculation model in 3d. So I use as a structure type 2d plate or shell design. Now i have some simple questions:

1. How accurate the obtained results if i do it in 2d, not in 3d model?

2. How should i define the loads and supports: anchor bolts as support points and profile contour as a linear load or contrarwise anchorbolts as a point load and profile contour as linear supports? This 2 schemes gives me different results, especially if we have not symmetrical model (take a look to attached picture)


Its all simple and easy if we have axial load Nsd for example, but when column is loaded with a banding moment the load definition as a point loads on anchobolts is still possible (2 points with "+" mark and 2 with "-"), but linear load definition is not so easy in such case, especially if your structure/model is not symmetrical.


Can you give me an advice or some comments about that? Probably there are some more way to calculate such steel base plates...


PS 2 simple examples ataached to the mesage, symmetrical and unsymmetrical models.