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Robot Structural Analysis: Dim Module

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11-24-2010 01:09 AM

I am developing an aplication with Autodesk Robot Structural Pro 2009 v22.0, Robot Object Model v9.5 and Visual Basic .NET 2008.
The application generates an structure into Robot and launch the calculation and dimensioning processes.
The final user does not interact with Robot, just with my application. But for the calculation and dimensioning processes I would like to show into the application the dialog boxes of the images bellow:
calculation process
dimensioning process
For the calculation process, I do not have any problem. During the calculation process I work with the properties of the IRobotCalcEngine interface: UseStatusWindow and StatusWindowParent, in order to put the window into my application.
The problem is with the dimensioning process. I launch the dimensioning process with the function: Solve(nothing) from the interface: IRDimCalclEngine. When it has finished I can access to the result with the API, but I am not able to put the window of the image into my application.
I know that I have to use the RDim module of the Robot API, and the IRDimClient interface, but I do not know how it works.
Can anyone help me
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Re: Robot Structural Analysis: Dim Module

12-16-2010 08:50 AM in reply to: jbsl

There is no API function to display the window of results of steel/aluminium/timber design analogous to the window displayed when using GUI.

Pawel Pulak