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I am the only structural engineer in my company needing to used Structural Software.

I'm considering the Ultimate Revit Design Suite with Robot Structural.


I've fiddled with the demo Seen a couple product demonstrations, and the training videos, and I like what I see so far.


As this is a Big Ticket Item (about $4k to $5K over the non-integrated traditional AutoCADD with a STADDPro, or Enercalc license) I'd like to know your experiences about a few things.


My Process

I'm looking to draft standard Structure modules, design them, print a report for an independant review, and then produce manufacture-ready detail drawings with BOMs for relase to Bid and build.


  1. How smooth is the integration fom ROBOT to Revit STructural to Mavis works Really?
  2. ROBOT seems limited to superstructure, and doesn't handle the base-plate and foundation interactively or at all. Is this true? What's your experience?
  3. How do you rate ROBOT's reporting? (Completeness, Accuracy and Independant reviewability, Easy of use)
  4. Do you find it worth your money? (1-not at all, to, 10 - YES YES YES)
  5. Other comments or Quirkiness to know.

I know the details are sketchy, but I'm looking for a broader brush to help me understand the reality of the pretty picture the demo's paint.