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Required reinf on top slab edge of simply supported slab?

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02-19-2013 09:32 AM

Afternoon All,

I have a bit of a strange result with the following slab. The slab has linear pinned edges for full perimeter, and just two vertical downward UDL's.


Apparently even with a fully pinned perimeter the required reinforcement is fairly high on the top slab surface at some angles corners. Please refer to screenshot and RTD file attached. Is this a glitch from a coarse mesh? Feedback from any experts is appreciated!



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Re: Required reinf on top slab edge of simply supported slab?

02-20-2013 12:29 AM in reply to: PaulT5

This is the minimal reinforcement. You can lower it setting the minimal reinforcement to none in the reinforcement label assigned to the panel. You can also decide to use W&A method for reinforcement calculations instead of the analytical one. Mind that you will have some top reinforcement in the corners anyway due to Mxy moment.


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