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RC walls - required / provided reinforcement for SLS combinations

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10-30-2013 01:31 AM


I have a question regarding reinforcement for RC walls.


When calculating reqiured reinforcement, RSA gives quite high amounts of reinforcement (452 in general and 1635 in quite large areas). These walls are not subjected to any nodal forces. Expected reinforcement would be approx. 452-565 mm^2/m. 


The higher values are caused by the SLS combinations. The ULS and ACC combinations give expected amounts of reinforcement. When checking the same wall in another program, I get the expected amount of reinforcement.


When providing reinforcement, I define the settings forcing RSA to provide ø12c200 (565mm^2/m) for the entire wall. Then I get some warnings about the provided reinforcement being less than the required. The reinforcement provided is more than required for ULS and ACC, but of course less than required for SLS.


When I run the verification for this provided reinforcement it turns out ok, no cracking.


So I figure:

- I can neglect the higher values for required reinforcement for SLS-combinations, and the warnings when providing less reinforcement. Given that the verification turn out ok when it comes to cracking.


Is this an accepable workaround??



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Re: RC walls - required / provided reinforcement for SLS combinations

10-30-2013 02:21 AM in reply to: Hallvard

If I remember correctly EC2 limits stress value for SLS. You may want to consider this requirement deciding what area of reinforcement you need.


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