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RC slab supported on beams vs direct supports

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03-09-2012 07:52 AM



I'm designing a structure where I have RC slab supported by (steel) beams. As I went trough the results, I noticed that the slab results differ from hand calculations.


I've attached a sample model of this problem. First slab is supported by beams  (beams are supported with pinned supports at ends) and second slab by linear supports. Slabs are loaded with self-weight only. Results for slab supported by linear supports are correct, but for slab supported by beams they seem odd. It seems that most of the load is transferred directly to nodal supports and slab behaves like it's supported only in corners (more or less).


So my question is -  is there a special technique defining a structure with RC slab supported on beams to acquire more realistic results?



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Re: RC slab supported on beams vs direct supports

03-09-2012 08:04 AM in reply to: krip

I'd say they are realistic and sometimes different  to what one may expect trying to use 'hand calcs' approach :smileyhappy: The question is what is more rigid: a beam or a slab. Please look what happens if you decrease the thickness of the slab.


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