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RC Slab analysis_Moment in pinned support

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10-31-2011 07:23 AM


I am doing a RC slab analysis in Robot, this is a one way slab support by linear pinned supports in two edges. When I check the moments in the pinned edges, theoritically it should be zero, however Robot analysis gives a positive moment value. Can you please look at the attached model and suggest a fix to get zero values?






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Re: RC Slab analysis_Moment in pinned support

10-31-2011 07:57 AM in reply to: Athi_uk

If you 'think' in the same way as for beams then it is what you may expect however as a slab 'works' in two directions the corners are uplifted. In Robot you can reduce stiffness in the 'not supported' direction as shown on the attached picture to 'force' unidirectional behavior of the slab.


Hope this helps.


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Artur Kosakowski
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