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Pattern load

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08-30-2011 08:47 AM

How to practically apply pattern load  from specially loads for multi-span slab in Robot 2011?

Is there any limit for slab geometry/layout when use pattern load method?

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Re: Pattern load

08-30-2011 11:58 PM in reply to: SWModeller

You can try to define several live load cases with surface loads on a contours (one load in each of the load case) and then generate either automatic or manual combinations using the combination wizard (Loads > Automatic Combinations). The limit of combinations can be set in Job Preferences. 


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Artur Kosakowski
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Re: Pattern load

12-14-2013 06:05 PM in reply to: Artur.Kosakowski
I Think that SWModeller, want to do it in the same way that CSI SAFE is doing it, means in two way automatic patern live on the surface area of the slab, and a custon surface area simila to what you have proposed with ARSA
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