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Orientation of Fixed-Pinned releases in bar table

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06-26-2012 07:41 AM



From the Bar table, is it possible to determine which end of a bar has a pinned release when the bar is listed as Fixed-Pinned (or similar definition with different conditions at the end)?


As shown below, the bar has Fixed-Pinned releases applied with the relevant release code shown. At a fisrt glance I thought this was listed in the order of node 1 and node 2, but in this case it is the bar end at node 808 is released.






I know that when applying Fixed-Pinned releases manually to individual bars, the 'first' condition is applied to the closest node irrespective of which direction the bar has. The model knows which way the releases are, so is there any way of displaying this in a table?



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Re: Orientation of Fixed-Pinned releases in bar table

06-26-2012 08:29 AM in reply to: sorgjee

No, as what is shown is the definition of release label. The solution is to apply release on the selection rather than indicating a bar graphically. In this way the label will correspond to the origin and end nodes of a bar.




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