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12-23-2011 10:22 AM

I am new to ROBOT and I can not make the object combinations in the Edit menu work.

I have two cases which I saved on two different files.

File 1:

I want to model a series of pipes in side concrete block. I created the pipes (circle extruded through a polyline as solid) and then created concrete block from one solid block. I tried to subtract the pipe from the concrete SOLID block but it does not work. I do not know if there is a procedure  that I am not following or that ROBOT does not do SOLID geometric operations on complicated geometry. the SUBTRACT feature works only with simple shapes (cylinder subtracted from concrete block) but once I change the cylinder to complex pipe with bents and reducers it does not work. Please Help as I am getting so frustrated!


File 2:

If I extrude a circle through a polyline to create a bent pipe, then intersecting an inclined steel plate, I can not get robot cut the pipe at the plate and then create an opening in the plate at the pipe/plate intersection. is that a bug or ROBOT does not do these complicated geometric operations?


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