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Non-linear supports wit different behavior in tension and compression

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10-30-2013 04:47 AM

I tried to create a non-linear support introducing the points from excel, in order to obtain the graphic presented in the figure 1 but then, after I clicked OK, the program automatically changed graphic shape and marked the SYMMETRY box as it is shown in the figure 2.
Is there any possibility to create a non linear support as the one presented in figure 1?


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Re: Non-linear supports wit different behavior in tension and compression

10-30-2013 06:42 AM in reply to: ec07231

See the screen capture below. The main point to notice is that when "negative semi-axis " is active the opposite sign of values is automatically added during input. So for instance the input of 2; 2.5 results in the point -2; -2.5 on the diagram.



Moreover when using export or import of functions:

1/ it works separately for positive and negative semi-axis

2/ the rule related to opposite signs for the negative semi-axis is applicable here too

3/ values in *.fun file are in m, N (meter, Newton) units independently from length and force units active on the diagram


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