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Need some advise about Realeases in space truss frame

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05-14-2011 11:26 AM

Im doing this kind of building , and got a problem with putting releases ,on mu truss , i want that only axial forces would be in this truss , and keep on getting this error , Instability (type 2) node XXX ,Rz or other axes , then i searched about it ,and havent find any informacion or some kind of methods, how to put releases on space trusses, maybe anyone can give me a tip , or something. By the way , i tryed puting trusses from advanced bar properties and it did the same instability.

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Re: Need some advise about Realeases in space truss frame

05-16-2011 12:16 AM in reply to: Paulius88

You must not set releases on truss bars.

Once you have used the option "Truss bar - Only axial forces act" in Avanced properties dialog box and applied it to truss bars, it is somehow the same as using releases, so using releases on these same bars could result in Instability messages as you have obtained.


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