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Missing results from manual combinations

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08-08-2012 06:11 AM

I have a model with several load cases and manual combinations. Results from load cases are as expected, but results from my combinations are completely missing. My reactions table say N/A for all combinations, but I still get diagrams for core walls.


I've made my combination table in excel and pasted it in the edit tab in "combination table" in Robot. After pasting, the combinations show up correctly in the "combinations" dialog box, and still they don't seem to be calculated. Any ideas? I see that my combinations have been assigned nature seismic. Could that have to do with it? The strange part is that the core wall forces seem right when no other forces show up...

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Re: Missing results from manual combinations

08-08-2012 06:14 AM in reply to: bjornhgr

The most likely reason for NA results for combinations is lack of results for one of its components. Please check if you have the results for all simple cases that are included in the combination definition.

Artur Kosakowski
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