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manual load combination factors - load types - load nature

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02-14-2013 02:19 PM

If I define a load combination

LIVE=(LL1 + LL2) 

and in load types I assign "live" nature to it; when I try to manualy create a combination, say

COMB1 = 1.6 LIVE

and the load factor for "live" is set to 1.6 in the load factor table; ifI select LIVE from the "case list" column and transfer it to "List of cases in combination" column; RSA assigns a factor of 1.0 instead of a 1.6.

Seems to me that RSA does not recognize the nature of the load combination LIVE.

How do I assign the "live" nature to a combination?

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Re: manual load combination factors - load types - load nature

02-14-2013 11:43 PM in reply to: memoalcr

This should not happen unless you define SLS combination type rather than ULS (1.0 is the default factor for SLS combinations for all loads). I indicated the steps for EC regulation on the attached picture. Mind taht at any moment you can overwrite the default load factor with the 'needed' one.


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