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Since 1 december 2011 steel code SNiP II-23-81 not used in Ukraine.

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New Ukrainian RC code DBN B.2.6-98:2009 based on Eurocode 2.

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It would be very useful to implement RC design of typical pile caps and circular spread footings (including footings with variable thickness).

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As for now after each collecting of phases it is necessary to re-define all combinations of load cases from different phases.

In most of cases repetition of collecting of phases is resulting from some modifications in single phases and necessity to re-calculate the model after it. After such modifications the new collecting is done for precisely the same list of phases.


In such case implementation of the update of collected phase (instead of generation of the new one) would simplify necessary users' action and result in very simple way to preserve in collected phase already defined combinations of load cases from different phases.


It is the feature which would significantly improve the usability of phase structures in modeling of sequential construction.

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any users thin walled section

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by Valued Contributor aruser on ‎01-28-2013 02:41 AM

There is a big weakness in the software  wiht this topic.

It would be really useful if the user could "draw" any thin walled secction shape in the "section definition" module and after this secction is correctly checked (class 4, effective properties etc.)

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It's bad that Robot doesn't have an option to display diagram of requred shear reinforcement area (stirrups) in RC beams and columns.

Now, it's just able to show stirrup spacing as a diagram.


As an addition to following post:



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Once you have calculated the members, you sort them by its working ratio, but in very big structures if you want to know which bar/s are the worst, you have to type manually its number on the bar box to select them and know where in the structure they are.

It would be much more handy if you could highlight the bars directly from this table.

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New Zealand Codes - Steel, Concrete, Connections, Timber

Status: New Idea
by nicknineham ‎04-17-2014 01:13 PM - edited ‎04-17-2014 01:18 PM

Please implement the design codes for New Zealand to compliment/ complete the existing code combinations (seismic etc). Especially as I believe Australian code development is being suspended with a view of adopting NZS codes (?). eg NZS1170...

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possiblity to use some section properties for the forces and displacement calculations, and other ones section properties for the member verification.

For example, use the gross properties for the obtaining of the inner forces and displacemente while after using the effective properties for the code verification


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Support of 3Dconnexion controllers

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by Distinguished Contributor PatrickEC on ‎07-31-2013 02:33 PM

Support of 3Dconnexion controllers

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Map ratio bars after ordering the ratios

Status: New Idea
by Valued Contributor aruser on ‎02-27-2013 02:08 AM

When you run the calculations for the member verification, you see a table with all the bars, its materials, worst case, ratio etc..


If you press map button the program takes you to a new window with colours indicatin in red for example the ones aro over 1.


BUT, if you first order the bars (double click on the top of the column) then the MAP button doesn't work, Nothing happens.

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