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How dose reinforcement be increased to reduce deflections

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12-20-2011 07:23 AM

Hi Pawel/Artur,


I have noted in the robot help doc that following information has been given for deflection controls, "If the Reinforcement correction option is selected on the SLS Parameters tab in the Plate and Shell Reinforcement Parameters dialog during calculations, reinforcement area increases (to increase the element stiffness), which reduces slab deflections".


In my current model, there is one way span continuous slab, robot seems has increased both top reinforcement at support and bottom reinforcement at middle span to reduce deflections. Could you give more details about the process of reinforcement corrections, such as based on what criteria which layer of reinforcement be considered? Is robot increase both top and bottom reiforcement at same time with same proportions or one to extreme then compensate by the other?


Many thanks



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Re: How dose reinforcement be increased to reduce deflections

12-20-2011 11:56 PM in reply to: URSmodeller

The targeted locations of a panlel (for increase of reinforcement) are these where the stiffness is the smallest.


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Artur Kosakowski
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