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great work

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12-09-2012 07:12 AM

Hello guys,

I find this forum really interesting and helpful to all those ppl who are interested in RSA.

To say the truth I am a SAP 2000 user, but our firm is considering RSA since comes with other software in Autodesk Building Suites. Thats why I am asking you guys if it will be possible to design smth like this in SAP 2000 : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VjkqA4_hlMk  in RSA.


If would not be of too much trouble for you guys, can you make a video or a tutorial, since I am not so friendly with RSA.


Thank you and great work


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Re: great work

12-10-2012 06:52 AM in reply to: glina12

It is possible to use modal decomposition method in time history in Robot.

Moreover it is also possible to assign forcing function not to some simple load case but to some virtual load cases "DirectionX", "DirectionY", "DirectionZ", available only in time history analysis. This way of definition corresponds to movement of soil (supports) with some acceleration time history. In such case independently from current RSA units the forcing function is always assumed to be in m/s2.

This way of definition seems analogous to the method shown in SAP video linked by you.


I have tried to show it in the video available there:



Animations can be saved in Robot as AVI files - unfortunately without any compression, so it is recommended to make them for small size viewers and to use external grahical processing tools for compression.


The SAP video has also shown conversion of time history into spectrum - such tool is available in Robot in spectral analysis - see this video:



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Re: great work

12-10-2012 09:07 AM in reply to: pp2008

This demonstration is very helpful Pawel, I hope that a day you will include them in a new  manual  with a chapter for top Seismic topics.Very, very good

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Re: great work

10-08-2013 08:53 AM in reply to: glina12

Hi guys,


I have a list of points to define the time function (3,900 points), I want to load this function, but it doesn´t show in the list. The points plots well in the Time Function Definition window, but it doesn´t display on the list.


          Thank You 

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Re: great work

10-08-2013 09:40 AM in reply to: Jaimevalente

Can you attach your function?

Your first screen capture also contains some abnormal effects: the diagram in displayed in the Time Function Definition window but this window does not contain Points and Add functions tabs.


See below some screen capture with correctly loaded forcing function:





Pawel Pulak