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Getting Started Guide for Design

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06-30-2012 10:45 AM
Hi, I am a new user of Robot. I am trying to learn it from the getting started guide given with the software (2011 version). But there are only two examples (one for steel, one for composite) is shown and only upto analysis is shown. But how can I learn how to design? Is there any good book somewhere? Another thing, in the 2nd example of RC and Steel Mixed Structure, at first it tells to start with 2d frame, then after drawing and assigning loads it tells to change the structure type to shell. I tried to do as told, but it does not work. Only some basic things change (in axis definition, y axis is added) but features of shell is not shown. For example, in layout selection box, there is not "Geometry", there is "Start" as before. And there is no option for drawing "Panel" either. What is the solution? After all, how can I learn Robot in detail? Is there any good tutorial other than the one with the software?
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Re: Getting Started Guide for Design

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