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geometry and interoperability

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by Mentor on ‎12-28-2012 01:07 PM

Stories Tables :

1.reduced forces should be given either,  by each storie, and cumulative from stories above (same as displacement). these effort to be given at the bottom of the storie.


Loads :

1.Copying storie from a level to another shoud copy all element belonging to it,  especially  loads  affected to its elements , regardless the way it was defined ( loads on contour , linear loads …)

2.indicating the value of load when draging  the mouse over.


Export to RC design :

1.Names assigned manually to elements in RSA should be retrieved when exported to correspondant RC design.

2.adding preference of soil definition and optimisation pattern to be applicated to set of Foundation at once

by Distinguished Contributor Tuctas on ‎12-29-2012 06:13 AM

  As concerns point .1 of "Stories Tables" i would like to add one more wish:

  It would be usefull for seismic cases to be able to obtain reduced forces that correspond at each mode and not only for CQC combination. 


  As concerns point .2 of "Export to RC design" i would like to add an idea:

  The process of analysis and design of foundation should be changed. When we model a structure, then together with all kind of elements (beams, columns, walls, floors e.t.c) we should be able to model the foundation as an element too. The elastic parameters (-coefficients K) for each supporting node that correspond to an isolated foundation should be updated whenever the foundation’s geometry changes from the design module. In that way we can run once more the analysis with the new elastic coefficients (after the changes of foundation’s geometry obtained from the design module) and verify again (with the results of the new analysis) the foundation elements at the design module. With other words, the elastic coefficients must always follow the foundation element from the starting stage of composing the structure and should be updated when there is a change generated in the design stage. 

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