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General Perfomance

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by Valued Contributor igos on ‎02-23-2013 10:27 AM

Working on my last project (it's an concrete structure, about 150 000 nodes and 170 000 FE-s) I was extremely annoyed by Robot Str 2013 general performance. For example, changing an load value is operation with time consumption not less that half of minute  on quite modern hardware (core i7 etc.). Changing values in tables is not much quicker...


I understand that you can recommend to use diaphagms instead shell etc, but in general - performance of Robot is not the best one, I can say the worst one. Now it is 2013 year and yes, sometimes we have to analyse and calculate models with more than 3 bars...


Here I do not speak of calculating time, meshing time - it's only problem of general performance, for example, changing load values in large scale models. So, my Idea is to optimize code (I'm fully understand that it can take a lot of time) to make Robot works much quicker. 

by Distinguished Contributor mirko.jurcevic on ‎05-02-2013 05:57 AM

I agree, slow performance is one of the biggest problems with Robot. Many of our clients complain about that and often they point out competitive software with much much better performance (on the same and/or even older computers).


Please, do something about this.


Also, it is very complicated to learn and use, but that's a discussion for itself.

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