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Extreme minimum reinforcement in slabs

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09-24-2012 02:15 AM

I was able to find similar topic, but conclusion was not clear to me, and as I got sumilar problem, I decided to write myself. The model I am talking about was already discused in:


Problem is that after reinforcement calculation, in foundation slab I found minimum reinforcement of that slab up to 51,35cm2/m. I tried to check it myself According EC2 section 7.3.2, and in worst case scenario I go at least 3 times less reinforcement than in calculation file.

I couldn't find out how robot calculates this mimimum reinforcement.

Maybe you could give some clues.

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Re: Extreme minimum reinforcement in slabs

09-25-2012 06:25 AM in reply to: JuZa

PLease send us this model to check.

Rafal Gaweda
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