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Re: Export results ARSA

08-02-2012 09:20 AM in reply to: Rafal.Gaweda

RG_Adsk wrote:

for selection of fes and nodes attached


Hi it doesn't work I think. Can we enter a list of nodes in a excel cell and have the results of the selection ?

No it works on nodes selection and FEs selection made in Robot

I tried to modify the macro to be able to enter the number of selection in cell(9.2) but it doesn't work.


My goal is not have to interact with the model.


Only pilot in excell :


        Dim obj As RobotObjObject
        Dim FECollection As RobotFiniteElementCollection
        Dim FEs As String
        Dim NodesSel As String
        Dim NodeSelection As RobotSelection
        Dim NodeCollection As RobotNodeCollection
        Set RSelection = RobApp.Project.Structure.Selections.Create(I_OT_FINITE_ELEMENT)
        Set NodesSelection = RobApp.Project.Structure.Selections.Create(I_OT_NODE)
        RSelection.FromText ""
        NodesSelection.FromText " "
        For jj = 1 To PanelCol.Count
            Set obj = RobApp.Project.Structure.Objects.Get(PanelCol.Get(jj).Number)
            FEs = obj.FiniteElems
            NodeSel = obj.Nodes
            RSelection.AddText (FEs)
            NodesSelection.AddText (NodeSel)
        Next jj
        Set RSelection = RobApp.Project.Structure.Selections.Create(I_OT_FINITE_ELEMENT)
        If (OptionButton1.Value) Then
            Set RSelection = RobApp.Project.Structure.Selections.Get(I_OT_FINITE_ELEMENT)
            If (RSelection.Count = 0) Then
                MsgBox "FEs not selected", vbOKOnly, "ERROR"
                RobApp.Interactive = True
            Exit Sub
            End If
        End If
        If (OptionButton2.Value) Then
            Set NodesSelection = RobApp.Project.Structure.Selections.Get(I_OT_NODE)
            num_node = Cells(9, 2)
            If num_node <> "" Then
                NodesSelection.FromText num_node
                Set NodesSelection = RobApp.Project.Structure.Nodes.GetMany(NodesSelection)
                If (NodesSelection.Count = 0) Then
                    MsgBox "Nodes not selected", vbOKOnly, "ERROR"
                    RobApp.Interactive = True
                    Set NodesSelection = Nothing
                    Exit Sub
                End If
            End If
        End If
        Set FECollection = RobApp.Project.Structure.FiniteElems.GetMany(RSelection)
        Set NodeCollection = RobApp.Project.Structure.Nodes.GetMany(NodesSelection)

 I just want to choose nodes and cases in excell.


Can you modify the macro for it ?

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Re: Export results ARSA

08-03-2012 02:47 AM in reply to: mateaus

I don't know if i understand correctly what you want, but see if this can help you. You have to put your selection set only in excel... Test the sheet, because i had little time to program the exceptions...