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Distorted Element in 3D solids

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11-01-2011 06:03 PM

Hi Robot,


I have tried about 10 different models in either steel or concrete using volumetric objects.  


When I run the calculation I ALMOST ALWAYS get an error saying distorted element.  The problem is it takes a long time to mesh even simple objects.  To make the calculation run I seem to need to have an incredibly fine mesh, which takes almost an hour to create.  After the hour to create the mesh I run the analysis, only to be told there is a distorted element.  So off I go to refine the mesh and wait another hour or so.  


Why is it so difficult to mesh a solid?




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Re: Distorted Element in 3D solids

11-02-2011 01:34 AM in reply to: tony.ridley



The basic rule to mesh properly solids in Robot: you have to set FE size in the way to obtain at least 2 elements across the thinest part \ plate of the model to get reasonable results.

Rafal Gaweda