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Display max top RC beam reinforcement

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05-03-2012 12:00 AM



I have troubles showing the maximum required top RC reinforcement of RC beams with 'Results for Bars' dialogue box.

If you check Fig. 1, you can see that the display was scaled automatically in such a way to best show the results. But, the max reinforcement of some members is not shown. Let's consider bars no. 133 and 52.




From the RC reinforcement table (Fig.2) it can be seen that bar 133 requires more reinforcement area (14.09 cm2) than bar 52, which is displayed in Fig. 1 as a reference. I would like to show 14.09 cm2 in Fig. 1!




Moreover, if I exaggerate the scaling of the results with 'Diagram scale for 1 (cm)' option, then most of the critical required reinforcement areas are shown.




The question is how to show them (max required reinforcement) without scaling too much, beyond good graphical presentation of the results?


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Re: Display max top RC beam reinforcement

05-07-2012 12:43 AM in reply to: sergey.churilov



What is shown depends on the zoom and number of values to be displayed. Unfortunately this is the automatic process and you don't have the full control over it. Please make sure you marked all the values (see the attached picture) and try to zoom in as much as possible.

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