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Composite Concrete Volumetric Structure Design

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08-25-2011 04:00 AM



I am relatively new to Robot so I’m still trying to figure out some of the functions. Essentially what I am trying to model is a composite concrete structure using the Volumetric Structure Design tool within Robot. My model consists of 65mm thick Solid precast concrete section with a 385mm thick Solid in-situ element on top (both elements have different properties). I am wondering how best to model the interface between the two concrete elements or if this is at all possible? In theory a failure plane is possible where the two concrete elements are in contact and I was hoping you might be able to explain how best to model this in Robot. I also have a query in relation to modeling reinforcement within 3D Volumetric solids and the best practice for this; is it possible to enter and edit the bond characteristic properties between the steel and concrete? The concrete elements mentioned above will have reinforcement layers placed within them.

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Re: Composite Concrete Volumetric Structure Design

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Reading your description I think that what you need are contact elements that are not available in Robot. You may consider using Algor for such types of models.




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