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Column height, should I stop at slabs? Or go all the way down?

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11-19-2011 05:13 PM



In adding columns to my building I am curious as to how RSA will interpret the column if I add the column at every floor or at the highest down to the first floor. Any comments?


I have dimensioned the columns so that they are considered "short" columns in design, therefore the point where the slab connects with the column defines or influences my point of inflection. If I am to add the column at the highest point and straight down, does that change anything? Should I had them per floor from midpoint to midpoint regarding slab elevations?


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Re: Column height, should I stop at slabs? Or go all the way down?

11-20-2011 11:25 PM in reply to: ovedmata

If you want to use the RC Column design module then it is recommended that the columns are defined as separate bars between each of the floors. If you want to look at results of static analysis of the building it doesn't matter as long as you have nodes that 'connect' columns with generated meshes (floors) at each of the levels however I think that you find the access to the results easier if you 'divide' columns.


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