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01-23-2012 01:35 AM


J'aimerai savoir plus de détails sur l'option cables ds robot 2012, laquelle des options est efficace à utiliser dans le logiciel? force F0 ou longueur L ou ilatation dL ou précontrainte SIG?


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Re: câbles

01-23-2012 01:48 AM in reply to: ingenieurNEK

Generally there are 2 ways of defining cables in Robot:

1/ defining them by force i.e. specifying tension (Force Fo) or

prestress (Stress SIGMA) - in such case program will search for

such lengths of each cable that the demanded tensions will be obtained

under assembling loads. After assembling load case for other load cases

these cable lengths are fixed (cables are "clamped").

2/ defining them by length i.e. specifying length (Length L), absolute

or relative elongation (elongation dl) or zero elongation. In such case cable lengths are

specified and fixed on the very start of analysis.


In the case 1/ program calculates regulation value as such cable

dilatation that will produce demanded tension under assembling loads for

displaced cable nodes.


In the case 2/ program calculates assembling force as such cable tension

that will be observed when cable ends will be not displaced under

assembling loads.


I recommend to use the 2nd approach as it would be much easier to get convergence of calculations. For the 1st approach the estimation of accurate values of forces or stresses in cables may be difficult.


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