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Applying uniform axial compression to a floor slab

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10-10-2012 12:57 AM



In the attached file a uniform axial load is applied to the floor slab representing an external load. I would like to see the distribution of this axial compression through the slab, and use the reinforcement designer accounting for bending + compression/tension when calculating the required steel.


In order to let the external load be taken by the slab, I can only restrain the external supports in the z-direction. In order for the model not to be un-stable I have to apply some xy-restraint (say at the centre) - see the attached sketch.


When I run the model, the distribution of axial compression does not look right. Can you please give some pointers how to either correct this or model if differently? I've uploaded the model below.




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Re: Applying uniform axial compression to a floor slab

10-10-2012 01:19 AM in reply to: Jesper.Jensen

What kind of forces distribution would be right? Looking at the deformation I think the behavior of the slab is as expected. Perhaps for your goal it would be better to apply temperature load (uniform cooling) instead?

Artur Kosakowski
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