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8-node quadrilaterals surface finite elements

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11-13-2011 09:38 AM

Hi to all,


I wonder to know how am I able to select a 8-node quadrilateral finite element to define my surface with robot 2012 because, despite I have read it is possible (http://docs.autodesk.com/RSA/2012/ENU/filesROBOT/GUID-D8773D6A-D562-4FB3-BC07-7EF2EED2646-426.htm), in the Advanced meshing options I am only able to select 3-node triangles or 4-node quadrilaterals.


Thank you.


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Re: 8-node quadrilaterals surface finite elements

11-14-2011 12:50 AM in reply to: dec05007



Possibility to select these two types of FEs has been removed several years ago because meshing algorithms have not been optimized to use them.

Rafal Gaweda
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