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Visual Display Issue

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11-09-2011 08:51 AM

I have attached RVT  file that I am currently having display issues with. None of the detail lines stay (visually) in the correct place, however if you print it everything looks as it should. The items appear to randomly jump, move around, etc. making for an almost impossible modeling/drafting process. Seems to be the only project that does this. For proprietary legalities and the like, I have only uploaded a portion of the project - one simple column with a detail line base plate. I am hoping that someone has run into this and somehow knows what to do to fix it.


Original Project was Revit Structure ver 2011 upgraded to 2012

I have audited, purged

Tried opening in Arch 2012 (does the same)

Tried opening in XP 32 Bit does the same

Tried opening in Windows 7 64 Bit does the same


Thanks for any input regarding the problem

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Re: Visual Display Issue

11-11-2011 12:24 PM in reply to: MBCT

After taking a look at your sample project file, I found that the column was placed around 588,896 feet (111.5 miles) from the project base point. A new feature of the 2012 Revit software is the ability to maintain a high level of geometric accuracy for elements placed within 20 miles of the project origin. However, you can run into issues when elements are placed outside 20 miles.


To find this issue, I opened the default 3D view, revealed hidden elements (to show the project base point), and then right clicked in the view, and selected Zoom to Fit. The column was zoomed out to where it was no longer visible, and I could see that the project base point was far away. To get the distance, I drew a line from the column to the project base point.


I found after moving the column to the project origin, the issue was not cleared, as the views were still set to the original location. I was able to clear the issue by toggling the view orientation (True North/Project North), and then recreating the callout. To get the detailing on the new callout, I copied it from the original callout view.


Lance Coffey
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