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vertical bracing / True north problem ???

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01-23-2012 01:59 AM

Hi, i have found an annoying problem / error in revit which i have no idea how to solve, I model vertical bracing the correct way by using a framing elevation then using the bracing tool to model my vertical bracing.


The problem occurs in a plan view, my detail level is set to course and  the vertical bracing shows up has a dash line offset from the grid line which is correct. The problem I get is when I rotate my model from project north to true north (from the manage tab, rotate to true north command)  the vertical bracing goes back on grid line and I want it to be show offset from grid.


please view the attachments to have a better idea what i mean



Has anybody else had this problem and know how to rectify it ?


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Re: vertical bracing / True north problem ???

01-26-2012 01:17 PM in reply to: cundall

Unfortunately this a know issue our development team is working on. The only work a round I can think of would be to add another annotation line that does not fall under the Grid. Sorry for any inconvenience that this is causing and thank you for posting.

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Re: vertical bracing / True north problem ???

05-22-2013 07:36 AM in reply to: alan.quinn

I'm using Revit 2013 - and Vertical B is misbehaving. I'm not using true/proj north, but I'm using a scope box to rotate my sheet view. The same bahavior. Any workarounds, anyone ? Short of "faking a drafted line ? I HATE to fake things, but it seems I don't have much of a choice in this matter.

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