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Subsciption duration

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11-13-2012 12:14 PM

I have a Revit seat that LTU has stopped working on and did a search to discover that;

"The LTU stops working on upgraded licenses after a Subscription contract has expired, as the previous version benefit is only available with a valid / current Subscription. If the license was never tied to a Subscription, the LTU will never work once upgraded."

This is a direct quote from a PM I received from Autodesk Care/Community Manager.

My question is, at what point does a subscription conctract expire?

A)Is it when the subscription is renewed? (i.e. We started on subscription on September 9, 2006 so the renewel/anniversary date is 09-06-xxxx, and the previous version of Autocad/Revit is no longer on "subscription" after 09-06-xxxx+1?

B)Is it when you install and register the newest version of software, regardless of anniversary date?

C)none of above and if you choose this please fill in the blank.




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Re: Subsciption duration

11-13-2012 12:24 PM in reply to: MBCT

you pay for subscription every year its not a monthly thing

you have to look on your subscription center page or whoever handles that in your company to see when and if it has expired

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Re: Subsciption duration

11-13-2012 01:10 PM in reply to: DarrenP

Based on your response, it seems that if you pay every year, it never expires... Or does it expire in theory only and you are renewing, similar to a magazine subscription lets say. Techincally it expires but if you pay before the end you really never notice that it did in fact expire then renew.

Is that correct?

This is all because I am trying to figure out when the LTU will stop working for a particular version of REVIT. Thats the ultimate goal. We have users here that work from home on occasion, they export their license from office and grab at home. When will that stop working on any particular version? The quote from my original post was the answer I received "when Subscription contract has expired...."

I didnt know our subscription EVER expired unless of course it is similar to a magazine subscription.

Just trying to find out when that is....


THanks for response just looking for confirmation...

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Re: Subscription duration

11-13-2012 03:20 PM in reply to: MBCT

Hi Matthew,


Subscription contracts are setup up in that they expire unless renewed (typically after 1 year but could also be 3 years depending on the specific agreement), at which point the benefits (previous version, home use, product support, annual upgrades etc..) would also expire or stay intact accordingly. Contract Managers are sent renewal notifications starting 90 days prior to the expiration date so that they have ample time to renew and avoid any potentail interruptions in services. 


Doing a little more research (and adding another element here), it looks as though the Subscription was partially renewed through 2013, but not for the seats of AutoCAD Revit Architecture Suite and AutoCAD Revit Structure Suite which lapsed on 11/3/2012. 

Philip Schmelzer
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