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Rebar Clutter Control

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10-11-2012 08:52 AM

Before computers, structural detailing used reinforcing steel graphics to economic advantage. A single line annotated with the specified type and spacing along with spacing and leaders to indicate the scope of the range were sufficient to communicate the intended reinforcing. Now comes Revit. We draw the same graphic and we get a display of each rebar. The result is clutter. The problem is whole fields of rebar obscures the rapid reading of localized instances of other odd rebar details.

My wish is for Autodesk to add the ability to toggle on and off the display of each bar which is defined with spacing. Having the ability to just show the one instance that was drawn would help. Sure, you can still embed the BIM data so that counting can be made. It's simply a display of clutter problem. I'm sure some detailers doing shop drawings may prefer to see all the bars, but on contract design drawings the clutter can be overwhelming.



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Re: Rebar Clutter Control

10-11-2012 11:48 AM in reply to: ArthurMacLeod5818

So true. Tools used in ASD are very welcome. First  priority is to create decent workshop drawings. 2nd  creating the actual rebar cages in 3D. 



Regards, Jordi

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Re: Rebar Clutter Control

10-15-2012 10:48 PM in reply to: ArthurMacLeod5818

Hi ArthurMacLeod5818,


Thanks a lot for the feedback of the software. I would encourage you that report such wish list here: 
You can use the form in the link to tell us what you think about our products, their features, and any improvements you would like to see. Then related people will read all the feedback recieved and take what our customers have to say very seriously.



Lei Lan
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