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Elements won't print

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11-09-2012 05:35 AM

I'm using Revit 2013 structure, and when I go to print my plans, some of the slab edges and roof trusses won't print.  They don't show up in the print preview either.  I tried printing to PDF instead of the printer and had the same problem.  If it were all of the edges or trusses I'd think it was a visibility setting, but it will print the edges in part of my building, but not other parts.  I'm running on Windows 7, 64 bit.  Any ideas?


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Re: Elements won't print

11-09-2012 07:44 AM in reply to: wooster22

I had a similar issue with foundations, though they ~did~ show in the print preview.

I contacted Autodesk about my issue and they said they didn't have a fix for it, yet.


The workaround for us was to plot using RASTER processing instead of Vector.


Give RASTER processing a try and if that doesn't work, maybe others will have other suggestions.

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Re: Elements won't print

11-09-2012 09:53 AM in reply to: lzaras1

I tried Raster vs. Vector printing, and that didn't work.  However, what we did find was that if I changed my foundation plan to Wireframe, all of my slab edges will print.  Unfortunately that doesn't work for the roof framing plan.  To get the roof framing to print, I set the visual style to Hidden Line and turned off my roof.  Even having the roof set to 100% transparency didn't work.  It's a somewhat random solution, but I can print. 

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