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Copy Monitor is puzzling

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11-02-2012 12:10 AM

for the first time I am working with a client who is producing an architectural Revit model. I am trying to use the cross linking method of collaboration. I copy-monitor the walls and two strange things occur. One is the location line set  by the architect as face of finish reverets to center of wall when I copy it. Is this usual? The last setting for location lines before I copy is face of finish in my file. Second, some of my wall intersections would not cleanup. I figured out that I had to reset (wall) profile to get them to clean up. I checked the architects drawing and he didn't alter any of his walls with profile linework. He did use attach to roof in some instances. Is this usual behavior for Revit using copy monitor?.

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Re: Copy Monitor is puzzling

11-02-2012 06:00 AM in reply to: ArthurMacLeod5818

for the reasons you mentioned (Copy/Monitor on walls has worked that way for as long as C/M has been around) we do not use C/M on walls.


The only thing we use C/M for is Grids (if we didn't create them) and Levels.  If we (Structural) create the grids, then the Architect C/M's ours after our DD package is submitted.

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Re: Copy Monitor is puzzling

11-04-2012 10:07 PM in reply to: lzaras1

The workaround suggested by Autodesk for the time being is this:
Don't duplicate the walls using C/M feature. Instead, manually draw the structural wall and then use Align to the Location Line of the linked .rvt wall. Once done, you can “Monitor” only feature. By doing so, Revit will remember the offset distance between the center lines of manually drawn walls and the linked wall. it is a pain to have to do it on each pair of walls.


To read more please go to:



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