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Change direction of Reinforcing Hooks

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08-18-2012 09:17 PM

Hi Team,

See a screenshot attached for this one. I’m trying to reinforce some panels using the Area System Reinforcement - which I haven’t done before (usually just do it as line work) - problem is I can’t work out how to change the hook direction on the bars to return inside the panel i.e. vertical or horizontal. Revit returns them out the side of the panel which just seems odd.

Also can you change individual bars within a system? For example say I want all the hooks to return vertically up but I want the top one to return vertically down is that possible? And likewise for horizontal?

Any insight or tips would be great, I love the idea of using the reinforcing tools but simply doesn’t work if you can’t return the hooks within the panel.


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Re: Change direction of Reinforcing Hooks

08-21-2012 04:30 AM in reply to: snowmannz

May be because you have 90 degree dowels, and they have no side to be arrenged - try 180degrees, and there is also an option to make them at both sides, just zoom close and you'll see tiny buttons.

I have additional question about making an offset of reinforcement. Here is a screenshot, I can't make it very close to the surface of the concrete it is situated almost on 6 cm inside



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Re: Change direction of Reinforcing Hooks

08-23-2012 11:57 AM in reply to: snowmannz


The new "hosting" Area and Path reinforcement element is made up of (in general) rebar sets.  The hook of a rebar element can only be perpendicular to the direction of the set.  Therefore, there is no way to turn the hooks of an area/path reinforcement to be "in" the host if the lenght of the hook is greater than the thickness.


If you want the behavior you are asking for, you would need to place an individual bar, rotate it, and array it.



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Re: Change direction of Reinforcing Hooks

08-23-2012 04:38 PM in reply to: Joe.Charpentier

Hi Team,


Yes I thought this may be the case with this. It’s a pity really as we here in NZ return the steel with a 90deg return the way my sketch shows. I’m not sure is this is odd or not but it’s certainly the way we do it here. If you do the other way with the 180 as shown you cannot achieve the cover required by our codes here in a 120 or 150mm conc panel.


I have done it by using individual bars and arraying as suggested but sadly this kills the efficiency of reinforcing in Revit. It’s not really any quicker than in AutoCAD. Now I’m not suggesting that ACAD is better just that there is no advantage in this area. 


Hopefully this can be added to Revit in the future. I also think it would be great if there could be a "multi host" style of reinforcing where Revit identifies that you are travelling between multiple components and have cover styles to suit. E.g. floor to footing starters, or slab to wall starters, or footing to wall starters, etc.


Oh well no great drama, I just love how fast the area reinforcing is but sadly doesn’t work the way I need it.


Thanks for your input guys.


Kind Regards

Corey C


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