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Adding Text Parameters to Steel Column Family

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09-12-2012 10:20 AM



I'm new to Revit and working on my very first project. I'm trying to add shared parameters for base plate information to the steel column family so that I can tag this information in the GCS and add this information to a base plate schedule.


First, I opened up the steel column family and then save as a different file name. Then I went to Family Types, clicked Add under Parameters and clicked the Shared parameter radio button. I click on select and get the message that the "W-Wide Flange-Column.txt could not be read, or is not a valid shared parameter file. Do you want to choose a new file?" I click "Yes", create a new text file, parameter group, and add the parameters I want.


I load the family into my project, but only 2 types of W shapes load and I can not get the type selection screen to show to select other types like what happens when you load the default family. What am I doing wrong? Why can't I load more types into my project?


Thank you in advance for sheding light on this problem.

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Re: Adding Text Parameters to Steel Column Family

09-12-2012 08:51 PM in reply to: BCEPC
check if schedule keys can do same as your preference. Goodluck!

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Re: Adding Text Parameters to Steel Column Family

04-17-2013 08:35 PM in reply to: BCEPC

You don't need to create a new family unless you want to model the base plate.


You can add a text shared parameter to type information of base plate in and add into project from : magane tab / project parameters / click Add / Share parameters......


This is about creating a family. 

You need to have a .txt file named exacly the same to your .rfa file which is the family that you copied.

In the .txt file you may have data of all parameter of the family then you can load family with selection screen.


See  attached example

Quy Vu
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