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Worksets vs Linking?

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03-25-2009 07:10 AM
Just an opinion on the what has seemed to work out the best out there-
Linking or Workset?
MEP firm that received arch model. HVAC, plumbing/fp and electrical will be working on it so 3 people max.
Each trade links the model or one model with 3 seperate worksets?
what are the thoughts out there>
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Re: Worksets vs Linking?

03-25-2009 12:31 PM in reply to: gags14
ive found the best way is to keep the models in one central file. we split our models up based upon physical/building size. say a building is 50,000 sqft. we would split that into separate PME models, then use Navisworks for collision detection. Using links slows the coordination within revit because you can only select 2 different models to check against.
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Re: Worksets vs Linking?

03-26-2009 07:56 AM in reply to: gags14
You need to link in the Architecture model... however, you don't necessarily need multiple worksets... you can all work within the default Workset1, or you can create multiple worksets if you find the need. As the other response points out, you may need to make multiple models due to performance/hardware/memory limitations.... the larger/more complex the project, the likelihood of this increases.

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Re: Worksets vs Linking?

04-21-2011 11:24 AM in reply to: martin.schmid

I read where for larger projects were being split up into separate models and then linked to each other and a main MEP central.  Our training class and all Autodesk tutorials i've seen dont suggest this.  We are having major performance issues and we were thinking about creating an M/E model, a Plumbing model, and have them linked to the MEP central.  Our problems are that we dont know how to show any views newly created in the Plbg model to show in the MEP model as well as being able to connect equipment from the Plbg model while in the M/E model.  Im using MEP 2010.  We dont know what the best way is for a 4 story bldg split in half (2 sheets per floor, per disipline).  One MEP model, or separate M/E & Plbg models.  Now its easy to say which one to use, but how to use the split option is hard to find anywhere.

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Re: Worksets vs Linking?

04-21-2011 01:38 PM in reply to: jasondbrown1

I would suggest not splitting up the model.

The intention of the software really isn't built that way.

You won't be able to have logical systems for connectivity and scheduling.

Honestly, I don't think that splitting the model up would save you any time.

Try putting the different links and disciplines on different worksets and just loading the ones you need.

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Re: Worksets vs Linking?

04-22-2011 05:49 AM in reply to: Jrobker

I agree with Jrobker.  Personally, I think the only reason to split the model up into different disciplines is if the model gets too large, say over 200Mbytes.  But the only thing is, it's only to your advantage if you think of that at the start of the project because spliting it up mid-design will be too much of a hassle and something is most certain to go wrong.  I've found to have 1 model with separate worksets, we even break the worksets down even further, Electrical-Power, Electrical-Lighting.  The only issue with that though is making sure everyone follows the same flow of work.  The strength of your model is only as strong as the weakest Revit user using it.

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